Health Ministry

Seeing that more and more people all over the world are now suffering from various degenerative diseases, Lord Of Lords Church is dedicated to the endeavor to change the diet culture in Metro Detroit and spread health awareness to the farthest of the globe through cooperation with USANA Health Science. 

Health and Wealth project: To improve your health and/or increase your income go to


If you have questions regarding your health, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma, yet your doctor has not provided a good solution for you, USANA scientists can help you answer those questions and provide you a clear picture of ways to deal with your health issues. So discover what causes your health issue by clicking the link below: 

Ask the Scientist:                                               https://obs.usana.com/Main/supportCenterIndex?groupId=1&locale=en&nolog=1

Hear what Dr. Oz say about USANA 

If you have a healthy issue, but not sure of its cause, you should watch this !!!

If you have Joint or bone issue, you should watch this !!!!

Operation Hours

Sunday    11 am-1:30 pm


Monday    CLOSED


Tuesday    CLOSED


Wednesday  2 pm-8 pm


Thursday    CLOSED


Friday       CLOSED


Saturday   Reconciliation Class 12 - 2 pm

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